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    Rawalakot is a city in Azad Kashmir, and is the capital of Rawalakot District. It is in a saucer-shaped valley at an elevation of 1615 metres (5300 ft).It is 76 kilometres (47 miles) from Kohala, It is linked with Rawalpindi and Islamabad via the neighbouring districts of Azad Pattan and Tain Dhalkot,and with Muzaffarabad via Kohala and Sudhangali. 


    Surrounding villages include Tarar Khal, Topa Soon aka Soon Topa or just Topa, Kaimon, pakgali, Motialmara, Trar Dewan,Chare, Chuck, Tranni, Dahmni, Singola, Parat, Pothi Bala/Makwalan, Kharek, Dreak and Dhok, Banjosa, Hussainkot, Hurnamaira, Thorar, Rehara, Tain, Bhalgran, and Pachiot. Bagh District lies to the north and Sudhnuti District lies to the south of Rawalakot. The road passing through (Jalooth)Paniola connects Rawalakot to Bagh And Muzaffarabad. While towards the West are Murree, Islamabad and Rawalpindi regions of Pakistan.


    Rawalakot has an estimated population of 50,000. Over 70% of the population belongs to the Awan & Sudhan

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