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    Visit Muzaffarabad, the capital city of Azad Kashmir. The Pakistan side of Kashmir that is free from Indian aggression is a calm and quiet place, filled with the natural beauty. We call Kashmir, the heaven on the earth. It is place where you can spend your summer vacation or enjoy your honeymoon. Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, is the point of entry in Azad Kashmir, from where you can start your cheap summer vacations or your honeymoon travel. Pakistan tourism company, Kstours, helps you to visit Muzarrafabad, Kashmir. Cheap holiday, travel and boarding lodging packages are now available.

    The fresh cool light breeze, the fresh fruits, that you have never tasted before, the natural beauty, the scenic valleys and the peace takes you away from the world for the time you are enjoying your summer vacations or honeymoon in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, through KS Tours cheap summer cheap holiday and honeymoon travel packages.Summer tour and honeymoon travel packages at Kstours, the Kashmir, Pakistan tourism company, are affordable. We belong to Kashmir, we are born and bred here.

    No one can parallel our understanding and knowledge of the Kashmir, as such we can proudly claim to be the best travel company that you can take you to Kashmir with the most affordable Kashmir travel packages and help you to enjoy your summer vacation comfortably.

    The major Tourist Attractions in Muzaffarabad are the mountains and the peaks. At the eastrern side of the region lies Pir Chanassi, the peak bearing the height of 2924 meters above the sea level. You are sure to spell bound by the sight of the mountains. This peak along with the other peaks like Pir Asmir, phawna da danna is one of the most fascinations natural sights of the world. The river valleys are also equally enchanting. Jhellum and Neelum valleys are also well known tourist spots. You can go for leisurely strolls along these picturesque river valleys. Spend a quiet and peaceful evening on the banks of the river.

    Tourist Attractions in Muzaffarabad include places like Shaheed Goli, which is placed at a distance of 16 km to the west of Muzaffarabad. Lying at a height of 1640 meter above the sea level, you will be amazed by the beauty of the place. The place is also a well known trekking spot. Trek along this spot for about 4 km to reach, Sri Kot and bask at the serenity of the area.You can indulge in different activities like hiking, trekking and camping at the foothill regions of the Pir Chinassi, Saran, Sun Bun, Muskhi, Sakki and Jarran. Sathra and Lohar Gali are other tourist attractions in the places.

    • Pirchinassi
    • Patikha
    • Neelum Valley
    • Leepa Valley
    • Jhelum Valley
    • Garhi Dopatta

    About Us is a company headed by a professional Pakistan Kashmir tourism expert online 24/7 to handle your inquires and answer your call. Plan your Kashmir tours this summer with We promise to make your Kashmir travel to scenic Azad Kashmir your tour of your life because we are best tourism company in Pakistan.

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